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Sneak Peek: Inside the design and creation of our Hybrid Vest and Jacket

Curious about the creation process behind the gear you buy? Here’s an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how we moved two of our newest pieces from concept to reality.

Our dedicated design team spent several months meticulously perfecting every aspect of the Hybrid Vest and Jacket. Throughout the entire journey, our unwavering commitment to quality and design remained our top priority. We understand that even the tiniest details can make a significant impact on the greens. That's why we continuously assessed and refined each element, ensuring that we met our rigorous standards. These garments are not only designed for style, but to withstand various weather conditions, making them perfect for both golfing and everyday adventures like running errands or dropping off the kids at school. 

Designing for Performance AND Style

Like every great clothing brand, we begin with design sketches. But Galway Bay is not just about great style, it is about performance. When brainstorming our vision for a new line we balance technical specifications with design considerations. Our design team considers these four areas before drawing a line:

  • High-performing fabric- For these styles, the fabric had to be a specific weight, provide breathablability, high stretch components, and help block wind and provide warmth to the golfer while not hindering either performance or style.
  • Utility - We wanted the garments to be equipped with an abundance of pockets, including two side pockets, a left chest pocket, and an interior pocket. The goal was to give the customer space to store essentials such as your phone, wallet, keys, and more. We wanted the two hand pockets to keep your fingers warm for those cold days on the course. However, the pockets aren't the style; clean lines and careful stitching allow the design to show and not the utility.
  • Versatility and adaptability - We wanted these Hybrid pieces to be versatile, allowing you to wear them during various activities such as golfing, hiking, or exploring the city.
  • Overall style - It was our goal for the pieces to boast a casual yet polished look that seamlessly transitions from tee time to dinner time. We wanted to have a classic quilted design applied to a matte finish fabric that would add a touch of sophistication, while being soft and subtle to ensure comfort during the day.

From Idea to Blueprint

Once we have an idea of the product, we create a series of sketches to present to our team. We then take it a step further and create 3D prototypes to get an idea of how the garment would look on a customer.

After the concept is approved by our team, we construct the "tech pack" - a design file detailing how to actually make the garments. Creating the tech packs is a complex and time consuming process, but it's key to ensuring the final product meets the standards and vision of Galway Bay. Tech packs serve as blueprints that communicate our vision to our manufacturing partners. The tech pack identifies 

  • The type of fabric, including composition, weight, and care instructions.
  • Precise cut and measurements for each pattern piece.
  • Details on pockets, buttons, zippers, embroidery or any other embellishments.
  • Instructions for how all the pieces should be sewn and assembled.

Completed tech packs go to our trusted manufacturing partners for prototyping. 

Prototyping Process

Next, the pattern makers and sample sewers collaborate to translate the design vision into a physical product. Using our tech packs, they carefully craft each garment, paying attention to elements like:

  • Seam placement and quality
  • Pocket style and stitching
  • Collar, cuff and hem details
  • Embellishments like buttons, snaps or zippers
  • The overall styling, fit and visual appeal

Next, a prototype is born.

From there, our team excitedly watches tracking numbers to hold the months of concept work in their hands. Upon arrival we examine the overall look and drape of the garment as well as specifics like:

  • The cut, fit and sizing of the piece. Are the proportions flattering and true to size? Do any adjustments need to be made for different body types?
  • The quality and durability of the fabrics and trims used. How do the textiles feel, move and lay against the body? Will they withstand repeated use and washing over time?
  • The functionality of any special features like pockets, buttons or zippers. Are these elements useful and user-friendly or do they need refinement?
  • The cohesion of the complete outfit. Do all the pieces work well together as an ensemble? Is anything missing or unnecessary in the overall collection?

These early prototypes also give us the opportunity to get feedback from our customers and test the garments on the golf course.

Our team then provides comprehensive feedback and commentary for our manufacturing partners. We specify any changes needed to improve the fit, form or function of each garment before final production. This collaborative process helps ensure that our customers receive high-quality, fashionable and long-lasting pieces that they will enjoy wearing season after season.

Size sets and pre-production samples

With the prototypes approved, we can move to creating size sets, where we produce each garment in a full range of sizes so we can evaluate how the fit, drape and proportions work for all body types. This step is crucial to ensuring an amazing, inclusive experience for all our customers.

The size sets are then followed up with pre-production samples. This is the last check-in point, we work out any kinks in the patterns and construction to guarantee every detail is perfect, before bulk production begins.

Through an iterative process of creating, evaluating and refining, we make sure the end result meets Galway Bay’s standards for quality and design. No detail is too small when it comes to providing our customers with a premium product and experience.

On to Production

During the production process, the garments go through finishing touches like additional quality checks, tagging, folding, and then packaging. The product is then shipped to our warehouse and eventually finds its way to your doorstep..


It takes months of planning, designing, and perfecting before our collections finally launch, but seeing our visions come to life and finding their way to customers around the world makes all the effort worthwhile. The behind-the-scenes process of how a fashion collection comes together is tedious, but the end result of well-made, fashionable, and size-inclusive clothing is worth all the effort. Our goal is to thoughtfully craft high quality garments you’ll love and cherish for years to come.

So there you have it, a sneak peek into what went into creating some of this season’s fall collection. Months of hard work, long hours, and a whole lot of passion all to make sure you have functional, stylish, quality gear to wear on and off the golf course. The next time you are browsing our latest styles, know that it took an entire team working behind the scenes to move each piece from a mere idea into your hands.