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Prepare for the Elements

This article was originally posted by our friends at WiscoGolfAddict and was written by Troy Giljohann.


Growing up in the midwest and as former high school and collegiate golfer I didn’t always have the luxury of choosing the best days to hit the links. With golf seasons revolving around fall and spring for tournament play I had to be prepared to play in all types of weather and course conditions. With the summer season wrapping up I thought it might be a good time to share my best tips for extending your season.

Prepare Mentally

Before you even think about playing a round of golf in less than ideal conditions you have to get your mental game in shape. Here are my top tips to get your head in the right space:

  1. Check the weather for several days leading up to your round: You don’t want to be surprised with what you may encounter.
  2. Envision your round: You have probably played in cold, windy or rainy conditions before. Thinking about these rounds and what went well and what you could do differently will eliminate some of the fear you may have.
  3. Understand that you will hit some bad shots: It is inevitable that you will not have the perfect round. Just remember you are out playing golf and it’s not the Masters.
  4. Know your cold weather distances: You will probably find yourself half a club or a full club shorter in the cold or rain. Remember there are no club numbers on the scorecard.
  5. Feel prepared: Having all the right equipment even if you don’t need it can leave you mentally relaxed. See my recommendations below on what you should pack.
Pro-Tip when putting thru the snow the ball rolls slower

Prepare Physically

Having the right equipment will make all the difference in your success out on the course. I have outlined what I pack and some optional accessories you may want to consider.

These are recommendations based on my years of playing and what I think works for me. Some of my favorite companies you will want to consider when you build your cold / rain gear include: Galway Bay, Payntr, Category 4, Ororo and Volt.

  1. Weather-proof jacket: Having a good jacket is the most important item on this list. Invest your money in high quality like Galway Bay
  2. Layering: Make sure you have apparel that you can add and remove easily throughout your round. This includes thermal pants, shirts and sleeves.
    • Galway Bay is by far the best we’ve found for this.
  3. Lined Pants: Choose pants that have lining and weatherproofing. Not taking care of your legs during a round will cost you.
    • Again, Galway Bay. Seriously, this stuff is amazing.
  4. Hat: A warm beanie hat and a rain bucket hat should be staples in your bag during the shoulder months.
  5. Bag: A weather-proof bag with a rain hood is a must. Not all bags are created equally so you may want to investigate and test your weatherproofing before you head out. Our favorites tested so far include Category Fore and Vessel.
  6. Extra Gear: You never know what you may need to swap on the course. An extra set of Towels, Socks and a Hat goes a long way.
  7. Rain Gloves: A good set of rain gloves not only provides a confident grip but can also keep your hands warm.
    • Galway Bay’s rain gloves have proven very helpful. When you think of bad weather, playing in Europe or Bandon, stock up on their gear.
  8. Heated accessories: Battery-powered heated gear has really expanded in the past few years. Some of my favorite heated items to pack include socks, vests and hand warmers.
  9. Shoes: The shoes you wear all season may not be the ones you want for inclement weather. Make sure you have waterproof and warm shoes to wear.
    • Payntr has some of the best shoes we’ve tested for all-weather play. The other brand we highly recommend for golf in any weather is ECCO – be sure to also check out their new lineup just dropped this past week!

I suggest laying out all your gear so you can visualize what you will have with you. I keep everything bundled together in a packing cube so I can easily throw it in my cart or bag when needed.

Lay out all your gear

If you want to really be considered a master of the weather there a few bonus accessories that will make you the envy of every group out there.

  1. Heated seat warmer
  2. Cart Cover
  3. Personal Heater

Putting It All Together

Don’t let your season be cut short. Preparing yourself and investing in the right equipment will make golf enjoyable even when Mother Nature has other plans.

Embrace the weather!