All-Weather Pullover | Gray-Black
All-Weather Pullover | Gray-Black
All-Weather Pullover | Gray-Black

All-Weather Pullover | Gray-Black

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The new Galway Bay Half Sleeve pullover is 100% waterproof with two layers of outerwear repellency. Our seam sealed jacket is the first of its kind with an additional outer layer of Teflon to create a more waterproof experience. The stretch fabric allows for freedom of movement during chilly or rainy conditions. 


Comfort: The fabric allows for extreme comfort and freedom of movement during your golf swing.

Waterproof: Galway Bay warrants this piece of outerwear will be 100% waterproof for 2 years of normal wear.

Seam Sealed: All of the seams of our jacket are sealed to prevent leakage.

Zippers: All of the zippers in our jackets are rubberized and waterproof.

Fabric: Our new Hydro-Flex 32 fabric is lightweight, flexible, extremely waterproof and offers two layers of Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coatings.


When we say waterproof, we mean it

Back-to-back award-winning


On and off the course

“I’ve been running golf tournaments at the club level for over 20 years and I still can’t believe the incredible package that Galway Bay put together for my members and their guests – they were blown away at the quality.”

AJ Partinio, Walnut Creek Country Club

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to Galway Bay for saving my trip to Ireland! I was there with 16 guys for a week in October and I was the only one that was able to stay dry (and play) every day of the trip. From 50 MPH winds to driving rain – I was dry and comfortable the entire time.” 

Thomas Dooley, CEO Outdoor Hub